Irons Counseling & Supervision, PLLC

Irons Counseling and Supervision is a private practice in Austin, TX.  Lindsey Irons, M.Ed., LPC-S has been practicing for 10 years in this community.  Along with therapy, Lindsey also supervises LPC-Interns on their way to getting licensed.  Interns are available to see clients at a lower sliding scale.  The philosophy of ICS is to help clients build healthy and authentic relationships by processing through grief and loss, trauma, pain, and challenging life events, and to help them discover their authentic self. 

We are all relational beings who live in community with others.  However, our relationships can be unhealthy, unsafe, or unsatisfying.  Healthy relationships are cultivated from healthy individuals.  Individual health begins with the following:

  • Understanding the need for boundaries and how to set them in our lives
  • How to manage our own emotions such as grief, anger, sadness, disappointment, anxiety and fear
  • Developing good communication skills that allow us to convey our thoughts, feelings, & conflicts with others 

We are not born with the ability to do these things.  Instead, we learn how to be in relationships by watching those around us.  Sometimes, we see healthy relationships and are able to develop the skills necessary to achieve relational health.  However, we often witness unhealthy communication and mixed messages about how to handle our emotions.  This can take a toll on the relationships closest to us.  As teens and adults, we bring what we have learned and how we feel about ourselves into the relationships we have with others.  We believe counseling is an effective way to gain more self understanding and develop healthy relationship skills as well as process trauma related events and significant losses.  

The therapists at ICS strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment to help clients find their more authentic self, which in turn will lead to more authentic and healthy relationships.   

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